Traffic Safety Commission Team Up With Uber to End Traffic Deaths

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission is well planned to avoid traffic deaths due to alcohol and other activities. It reminds people in Washington to plan ahead to choose alternate transportation methods if they have consumed alcohol.

This measure of WTSC is for the safety of people who doesn’t even bother about their own lives and for the purpose of people who return home after a cocktail party during some special occasions or during holidays.

It team up with Uber to reduce the death rates and injuries caused by 2030 as part of the Target zero initiative.

All the bars and restaurants in the city will be promoted with anti DUI material encouraging all the travelers to return home safely. Uber will be offering discount with twenty percent off for those who have their first ride in areas where the service of the company is available. The company is doing this as part of the effort and people can validate this offer by simply using the promo code RIDESAFEWA.

Uber has recently launched UberEVENTS which enables the company employees to have a safe ride throughout the holiday seasons.

It is clear from a report that more than 500 traffic deaths occurred in the year 2015, with an increase of 100 when compared to 2014.

The company claims that the state will experience zero traffic with its effort of providing safe and reliable transportation during the holiday occasions.

Is Uber a super hero or a powerful villain in the labor market?

Uber, the San Francisco based ride hailing company is the most valuable startup after breaking the mighty Facebook’s record. It poses a dangerous threat to the local taxi services and the traditional taxis. The critics blame the company for offering jobs that follow on-demand technology but Travis defends the company saying Uber allows people to make money of their spare time. Fair enough!

The online transportation network was found by Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp in 2009, but despite being the startup company, it raised market revenue worth $50 billion. Would you believe that? Several critics say the company is a black market that is looting money of public. Uber is known for its splendid service and a never ending list of controversies. But the cheeky company does feel good campaigns in order to restore its lost fame.

The company has implemented many features such as UberPop, UberX, etc. and the private car drivers are accused of illegal possession of licenses. The service was also banned in many countries but it was also illegally operating without the proper notice from the government. The job economy in Uber urges people to make profit of freelancing jobs and that could spoil the game for the rest in near future. Full time professionals from the corporate and the real estate world would have hard time due to the ride sharing company’s job economy. The labor market’s future is a huge question mark and it is up to you to decide whether or not Uber is a super hero.

Ola now competes with Uber in Delhi NCR

Uber was a famous network in India until the Uber driver’s accusation of sexual assault came into light. Many cities across India wanted the service to be banned permanently but the company’s strong interference into lawsuit lifted the ban. Earlier this year, Uber introduced UberPool service in Delhi NCR and it received good responses from the Indian public. But the black mark on the ride sharing company is still very prominent despite its new features.

The company’s local rival Ola got the spot light due to Uber’s controversy and people started using its services. Ola has now introduced a service similar to Uber and it is called Carpooling. People can now share private cars with their friends using the feature called Friend List. The service would officially hit the market by January 2016.

Ola has also implemented many features to compete with the mighty Uber and it has promised to offer safe and secure rides to its users. It has ride tracking system, share ride details and many other safety features. Ola is now expected to make record breaking market revenue with its new features. It’s high time to say bye-bye to Uber, the San Francisco based company.

Ola has even added up auto rickshaws to its service to make it convenient for people of metropolitan cities. But Uber does not want to compromise very soon and it is working on new plans to implement in the year 2016.  Now, that is what called as serious business!

Uber Is Taking Millions of Rides in Manhattan

The ride sharing company has faced lots of issues, including labor practice, but the mayor of NewYork city conveyed traffic congestion as the main problem of Uber. The city is already controlling both the yellow and green taxis.

Mayor of NewYork city told Uber to stop its service in the city as a reason of its gridlock. From a calculation, it is clear that Uber has not raised its pickup, but it replaces cars in the city of the NewYork city and adds them in the outer boroughs.

In response to a law request made by Uber, NewYork city Taxi and Limousine commission sent them the details of Uber pickups from the month of Jan to June.

The company is entering the market slowly, as a result of the rise in the NewYork city’s pickups. Green cabs which are meant for pickups in outer borough and northern Manhattan has experienced a rise in its pick, while yellow cabs pickup dropped slowly. Data about black car picks is not clear. There is an increase in the overall pickups from 48 million to 51 million users in Uber. Launch an Uber like app now

This increase in the number of pickups seems to be very high compared to the past data, but the company has not received clear view about it the trips. Trouble occurs if those trips were from the centre and lower Manhattan, which is considered to be the regions congested area. That’s the area uber targeting with driver incentives. The problem will be less, if the pickups are from northern Manhattan and other boroughs where the city tries to bring out cab availability.

Uber Offers Free 4G wifi to Its Riders

The ride hailing company Uber announces its new feature of offering free 4G wifi internet to its passengers in Mumbai and will be soon introducing the scheme in various other cities wherever it has its service.

Who will hate using wifi, especially when it is for free? Yes, this scheme brings out smiles in the faces of Uber users, who long to have a ride in Uber. This scheme will also help the ride hailing company to get more ride offers.

All riders can able to access the free wifi in all cities without any limit. The scheme will be launching soon in a chapter mode.

The company has started its partnership with Aircel, which has introduced its 4G scheme recently. This partnership is to offer passengers with a high speed internet access during their rides. Aircel, which is also considered to be the largest telecom operator, has now become the largest service provider for the ride hailing company.

This partnership also made Aircel to become popular because of its fastest internet access.

As part of the team up, Airtel will install Wi-Fi device in all the cars providing the devices to all of its drivers. Uber collects the payment through Airtel money payment option.

Uber will also accept other modes of payment which includes credit card, Debit card, cash and Paytm.

The US based ride hailing company currently has lakhs of driver partners across 18 cities of the company. It already got its capital from investors in Tata group and aims to have millions of rides by the end of March 2016.

Uber now does the food delivery service in Bay area

Uber, the most overrated ride sharing company is now all set to rule restaurant business as well! How cool is that? It is a treat for all the foodies out there who cannot wait more than 10 minutes for their meals to reach them. The company has launched its service UberEats in San Francisco and promises to deliver food within 10 minutes. It has partnered with The Ramen Bar and Nopalito restaurants to deliver entrees that cost between $8 and $12 with $3 as a delivery fee.

Foodies can now do the so called “victory dancing” once they hear Uber driver ringing the door bell. But many people doubt on Uber’s promise to deliver food in 10 minutes. The service, UberEats has already been launched in Chicago and New York. It was a huge success and New Yorkers loved it.

Uber has a lot of marketing strategies in its sleeves to expand the service wider and stronger. The critics say it is just another tactic to grab attention from people of San Francisco. The company’s growth would further destroy the standards of local services. According to a survey, it is a potential threat to its contenders and would completely take them down in near future.

Despite being the startup company, Uber has raised $5 billion beating the social media’s ruler Facebook. It is now planning to expand its service UberEats in many other cities across the United States of America.

Uber uses snazzy technology to avoid fines from Queensland government

Uber, the most famous ride sharing company is the proud owner of many controversies across the globe. The company has had successful market revenue in Australia, but the drivers seem to spoil the momentum for the company. Many Uber drivers were fined by the Australian government in 2014. However, the numbers have dropped in last six months due to Uber’s snazzy technology.

The company is now escaping the brutal fines from the Australian cops in a sneaky little way. It is using a technology that blocks the cops from contacting the cab drivers. The customers must provide the personal information in order to become Uber’s users.

The cops cannot provide false information in order to be Uber’s official member. Hence, this could prevent the drivers from getting fined by Queensland government. The service has been operating in the Australian city without legal authorization. If the drivers are caught driving for the US-based company, they would be produced in the court.

The technology could be handy and favorable for Uber drivers, but the service is losing many users due to its new policy. Uber has a lot of marketing strategies and partnerships with big brands to expand its service in many cities. Hence, the Australian government’s action would not bother the mighty and the most overrated company of the decade. Now that it is using a technology to escape the government, the company’s reign in Australia would be a piece of cake.